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Institution History

The Popular Art School of Harghita County was established in 1977. Its residence being in Miercurea Ciuc, it functions with the support of the Harghita County Self-Government involving the population of the whole county.
      The aim of its foundation and activity was and is the discovery of young talents, their after-school instruction and their involving in the cultural-artistic life of the county by their special instruction.
      The place of instruction is our residence in Miercurea Ciuc and we also have transferred lectures in several populous towns and villages of the county, where the participants take part in theoretical and practical instruction according to the syllabus elaborated and confirmed by the Ministry of Culture.
      The activity of the Popular Art School has a stressed place in the cultural and artistic instruction. Its special character is explained by the fact that this school fulfils a specific mission: it satisfies the claim for individual creativity, self-expression and self-implementation.
      The period of the instruction is flexible; it can be harmonized with other individual programs. This kind of instruction is one of the main advantages and attractive forces of the institution.
      There are always many persons in each community who feel the need of self-expression and self-implementation, persons who claim to express their creativity. They want to express themselves by means of art and culture, in a cultural-artistic language. These are the persons for whom instrumental music, dance, singing, drawing-painting, acting, ballet, wood-carving are not just spare-time activities, but also very important possibilities of self-expression and self-implementation. Many people feel this claim, which can be satisfied in several different ways.
      Thanks to its flexible program and its offer of different instructions the Popular Art School can respond to the varied social claims. At the same time it can assure individual instruction and study. Taking part in our programs, the participants - youngsters and adults, independent of residence or place of work - can discover and acquire the artistic means of self-expression and self-implementation. They can become individual or collective creators. Of course, there are persons, who continue their self-expression and become professional artists, while others use the attained ability to assure their everyday subsistence.
      The most important group of our participants consists of those who - in their meeting with art - find the possibility of self-expression, self-implementation and creativity. I think we cannot lay enough stress on the importance of this discovery. The Popular Art School undertakes an activity which is almost totally missing from the communities and families of this region.
      Why is the support of individual creativity, of self-expression and self-implementation important in this region?
      First of all because in our region very few families deal with such instruction. Individual creativity, self-expression and self-implementation don't have enough place in familial education, especially if they are expressed in an artistic way. This isn't a critique of the local families; it's just a simple social fact. In the educational process the families do not deal with the development of individual creativity, self-expression and self-implementation, this task being entrusted to schools and institutions.
      Nowadays, in the circumstances of the contradictory market-economy, facing the different provocations of the globalization there is an urgent need for persons - more precisely personalities - who are creative, active and self-confident, who consider self-expression and self-implementation important, either by cultural and artistic means or in other ways.
      The Popular Art School intends to contribute to this process by its specific work and results, thus supporting the strengthening of the Sekler society.

Péter Csaba, Manager